Zoe Wang

Fantasy Realistic-Chicago (2018)
oil pastels
26 x 27 in.

I am an intuitive artist who doing before thinking, as direct and honest as a child. The majority of my work includes abstract paintings, among which there are some representational figures, childish graffiti, humor of satirizing society, and extreme emotions. I like unexpected surprises, so I never think about what I’m going to paint before I paint, because that will limit me to discovering a new self. I do not need any reference, because what I want is to delineate subconscious thoughts happily and painfully by intuition from a point of sudden preference. It could be an atmosphere, an emotion, or an interesting boredom. They rely on my sensibility imagination.

The study of Chinese painting has brought me expressiveness of lines and taught me how to feel the relationship between the natural world and inner world. Therefore, I have special feelings for the landscape. My attitude is thinking about the inner power of the work, about the relationship between sensibility and rationality in creation, not the superficial novelty. I take care about the originality and uniqueness, and I tend to complete my own artistic language, instead of following the commercial flow.

I stay hungry and be brave to go to the lands where I have never been. My art career should not stay in the same stage, and it should have great vitality. That is why my artworks have so many different faces, but I create them for myself. I never try to paint a painting that others would like, because I don’t know what they like and cannot know anybody as well as I know myself. And that is why I want to paint and draw and do art: my artwork helps me to know myself and the world. The process of painting is the process of my self-integrity.

© Zoe Wang