Katherine Venturelli

Universe at Play (2016)
sculptural artist book; printmaking, intaglio; Rives BFK paper
17 x 11 x 18 in.

Having a sculptor’s orientation and education as my foundation, my art making emphasis has evolved towards integrating my two dimensional printed imagery on paper into three dimensional forms, thus my attraction to the artist book genre as both physical objects and containers of meaning. Numerous paper selections each with their unique folding characteristics have accommodated my printed imagery and have become the intent of my artwork.

“Universe at Play” employs the playful and surprise pop-out Turkish map fold structure, and it evolved in an experimental four year adventure. The printed images were inspired by intuitive markings and the elegance of mathematics. I used multiple copper plates and abundant colors, combining a spectrum of printmaking techniques on various papers. The prints were then folded and the interior centers of each fold cradled another small printed Turkish map fold. This paper construction allowed for other forms to evolve through discovery in the making process. The piece became playful, forgiving, and experimental because it challenged me to re-think how I would use the printed paper and why I print the work.

© Katherine Venturelli