Kathleen Fenton

Nipple Sploosh
elk antler
1.08 x 3.44 x 2.92 in.

Creating a sculpture is an intuitive process of exploration for myself in which listening is crucial in order to fully realize the first spark of an idea. Attentiveness to the natural tendencies of the chosen material, in particular the inner essence of the material, is essential in order to accomplish a flowing dialogue between myself, the tool, and the material. The interconnectedness and interdependence of all aspects of life and the environment in which they exist, impact everyone and everything in varying degrees.

The consequences of disconnection, separation, and isolation from each other and/or the natural environment are imbalances and extremes that affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health in a multitude of ways. In much the way a drop of water falling on a still pool causes ripples throughout, all life is impacted by all that surrounds it. It is my goal to explore aspects of these imbalances and extremes through an intuitive connection between myself, tool, and material.

© Kathleen Fenton