Josephine Ferorelli

Rare Thing
slide projector, slides of mixed media works on paper

I’m offering Rare Thing, as one of many less ordinary marriages that can exist between words and images. It exists outside the binary of children’s books and comic books, and it wants to redefine the roles of its constituents as equals. Images will no longer be content only to color inside the lines drawn by verbal description. And there will be no need for words to continue to labor at jobs for which images are innately better suited (the words green and curvaceous, for example, can go out to pasture).

I’m interested in finding a tone that falls lightly between irony and sincerity, where humor disarms the reader and the imaginary world draws the reader in, so that she is made aware gently of larger and darker themes. I am using the slideshow format to land on each piece of the story with equal weight, without hinting that one page illustrates the next or describes the anteceding.

© Josephine Ferorelli