Kate Brown

Abundance and Gratitude #2
ink on paper
22 x 30 in.

I am an artist, and I am a mother. I have three young children who squeeze, squish, hug, tap and bump my body all the time. I am surrounded by love. I am lucky. I am blessed. I am tired. I am crowded.

My drawings depict abstract piles of undulating shapes, like body parts and bellies and blubber. These forms mold to one another and become a solid biological mass.

Using only a fountain pen and a bottle of ink I use crosshatching on paper as a meditative process. Life is chaotic and full. Often it is so full it feels too full and because of this, I like the simplicity of my materials and the repetitive nature of making thousands of thoughtful marks. I cut into my paper which gives the finished pieces scalloped edges. By doing this I am both fighting and embracing the confines of the basic rectangle.

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