Jessica Belangee

die and be born again, but quicker this time
graphite, tea stain, charcoal
42 x 62.5 in.

My work features depictions of subliminal places that are filled with found organic objects, fabrications, and erasure of space. Decisions in these spaces are fueled by mental affliction and how our subconscious dictates our consciousness. Anxiety and impending intrusive thought have transformative qualities. They bend our hyperconscious mind, rendering emotional fortitude almost dormant.
 The altercations that the subconscious play on our intuition interest me greatly. This parasitic entity of mental illness converts fevered thoughts into reality, convoluting what is real and what is figment. The work is referential to portions of actual landscape. These small intricacies I find are sustained by the meditative practice of wandering and studying the landscape. In context to the flora and fungi, my own body’s vulnerability was made unmistakable.

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© Jessica Belangee