Karen Gubitz

fiber sculpture
16 x 16 x 6 in.

“As a fiber sculptor, first and foremost, I am a materialist. I explore the flexibility of material to extract its highest resiliency, its potential for dimensionality and its surface possibilities. As the noted fiber artist and educator, Warren Seelig wrote, “When you experience a place it is the materiality that you engage with, and it is the expressiveness of that materiality that makes the place memorable and rich.” My hope is that my work reflect this experience.

Working with fosshape I created Chrysanthe-Mom. In China, the lily means Mother and the white calla lily symbolizes purity and innocence. My mother had dementia. It is a pure and innocent state of being -a no-fault disease. The white chrysanthemum symbolizes truth and loyal love. The truth of my mother’s life and my loyal love. As the pathways in my Mother’s mind frayed and disconnected, her purity and innocence were forever transformed into truthful love. Even as her blossoms crumbled and faded, her loyal love will always be with me. It was the longest goodbye.”

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