Jae Green

Gingham (2019)
digital print

Jae Green is a poet, second generation artist, mother and cancer survivor originally from the South side of Chicago. Her poetry can be found in anthologies such as Tia Chucha’s “Open Fist”, “Smithsonian Magazine” and “Voices from the Heartland”. She has performed at The Green Mill, Randolph Street Gallery, Uncommon Ground, The Chicago Cultural Center, Woman Made Gallery, The Chicago Poetry Fest, Metro, Around the Coyote, and The Catherine Edelman Gallery. She recently participated in BodyPassages, a year-long collaboration between the Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble and The Chicago Poetry Center.

At the close of 2019 Jae Green began creating art with texts, graphics, photos and experimental forms with found objects. Jae hopes to merge her early exposures to pop and outsider art with her current existence as writer and performer.

Jae has found herself at a midpoint in both art and life. A series of losses and gains giving rise to the question of ‘What comes next?!’ This is an especially salient question for women facing widowhood, abandonment, or divorce. With this in mind she uses anatomical images with altered color and poetry to explore this in her multimedia piece ‘Gingham’.

© Jae Green