Kay Gordon

Ghost House
mixed media: collage & acrylic paint
7.5 x 4 in.

“Fundamental themes in my work are the balance of chaos and order, and the dependency of one object’s juxtaposition to the next to reveal its form or even create its existence. My work in diverse media (lithography, etching, mixed media, installation, & objects/sculpture) often includes/creates a form of drawing – with wire, thread, shadow – on a variety of surfaces and in space. Formal composition creates a framework for revealing subconscious concerns, fears, and dreams. Recent work responds to the violence, and ensuing tragedy, of current political, religious, and natural events/human-created events.

The work ‘Ghost House’ is part of an ongoing series exploring the presence of absence, loss, melancholia, & displacement. I use a limited palette to mix & match background colors exactly with the layered and collaged photographic (magazine/newspaper) images, in order to obsessively paint in each detail over top of the image, and in some cases extend one image over another, while also obscuring accompanying texts.

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