Jude DiPaolo

In Remembrance XII
oil on linen
30 x 30 in.

Art making allows me to witness transformation. Sometimes creating art will bring out feelings of anxiety. This can happen when hidden subjects are manifested. The “In Remembrance” series are paintings that capture buried memories. These sixteen-paintings show positive and negative images. The format is similar to the Stations of the Cross, which demonstrates how Jesus suffered to fulfill his destiny. I related to suffering because of my dark, dysfunctional childhood. These paintings are healing for me because they display a process of strength, transformation, playfulness and oneness. The canvas will go through sometimes a disorganization of form, fragmentation, or even pure chaos. This process is temporary and is necessary in allowing me to create.

My art involves bringing together opposing forces that generate tension. The movement made by my marks develops depth that is expressed by contrasting forces. Balance is achieved by resolving the conflict with aesthetic adjustments. There is an emphasis on color in my paintings. When color is juxtaposed it can create a powerful contrast. Heightening the intensity and sometimes merging the colors can cause an uneasiness that motivates expressions. My intention for creating this art is to bring the viewer through my healing process from chaos to order, therefore creating balance.

Granting myself the ability to be playful and not to censor my expression gives me the freedom and the awareness I need in order to create.

© Jude DiPaolo