Melanie Deal

Lucky Monkey
multi-media collage
30 x 30 in.

Many of my collages are based on patchwork quilt patterns because I am drawn to grids, tessellations and repeated shapes. For materials I use various papers and “found” objects or everyday items. I sometimes use photocopies to add the sense of repetition. Because patchwork patterns tend to be orderly and predictable, I like to add unexpected elements for humorous or ironic effect. When each of my pieces is seen from a distance, the impression is mainly of pattern and color. On closer viewing, it becomes possible to identify the elements that make up the pattern. I’m not interested in making pretty pictures. My only agenda is to express my perspective on topics that interest or amuse me. If, in so doing, I can help others see something in a new way, all the better.

© Melanie Deal