Joyce Lex

mixed techniques on cardboard
13.25 x 20 in.

Loss is hard.
It’s one of the most difficult things to face in life.
Most of the times it makes you struggle hard and then you just feel empty. Without a part of you. Without yourself.
Completely lost.
And you’re like on a battlefield, destroyed,
on the ground, injured.
And you must start again from that moment.
Put all the pieces back together.

This has happened to me with love, which deeply afflicts me,
with freedom, especially in this unexpected tragic pandemic,
and with sleep and dreams. I’m not able to rest anymore.

In all my art you can see this process, facing different losses, of freedom, of love, of rest and sleep.
You can see how heartbreaking and harassed it is,
with different techniques and materials. Strong colors and contrasts.

But then, there’s a light, there’s a fire of passion which explodes in colors and kisses.

In spite of everything, it shines, it brights with hope.

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© Joyce Lex