Jill Lanza

Peek Holes and Useless Sweaters
wool, wire, cotton, embroidery
6 x 6 x 12 in. each | $300 each

In my studio, I absorb myself into the process of the handmade to construct content for my installations and viewer experiences. Drawing, embroidery, and weaving are part of my daily practice to meditate and allow for the time to realize the narratives that surround my imagery. All too often, these makings result in useless objects—for example, a blanket-type form that cannot provide warmth or in this instance, sweater-like parts that do not form a whole. I then create spaces, both to play and activate my objects.

The viewer will discover, consider, and interact. The laborious actions and collaborations to create each detail intertwine and pull from my research based on beauty, hidden spaces, and time.

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© Jill Lanza