Camila Linaweaver

You Are Here (2019)
animation of 382 monotypes
video | NFS

My printmaking work depicts themes of immigrant displacement through representations of the landscape. Using my experience as an immigrant, I create poetic works that question the delineation of land and the physical and psychological effects that manifest when crossing borders. My approach rejects propaganda-based narratives and employs nuanced aesthetic means that consider the landscape as a metaphor for addressing duality, displacement, alienation, and nostalgia.

I have focused my printmaking practice on the singular print, particularly explorations using monotypes. I rely on printmaking not for its means of multiplicity, but rather as a tool to extract subtle nuances that occur during the translation from plate to paper. Recently I have delved into time-based works and experimentation with stop-motion videos. This work challenges the rigidity and fixity of borders as well as traditional printmaking practices to create new spaces of imagination and resistance.

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