Jessica Maloney

digital print, wood, small ceramic pots, twine, found objects

My work is an excavation of the mind and soul, which becomes a collection of thoughts, emotions, and memories. Even as we try to concentrate on what is happening in the present, and although we think we completely control our thoughts and actions, sometimes we are affected by unseen details that are beyond our typical perception. Through my process, I create diptychs that reflect the hidden aspects of ourselves, comparisons between the physical human body and the thought processes that are buried inside our minds. In the series of boxes that I have created the body is a container for the soul and the many layers of information that exist within our minds. The used wood and worn objects used to construct the boxes, represent safety, security, and containment. Both the body and the box act as a sort of cocoon, with the spirit of the soul transforming and growing within it: becoming much larger than that which contains it could ever be.

© Jessica Maloney