Jennifer Levine

Blessings at 50
chalk paint/collage on raw canvas
56 x 49 in.

Jennifer Levine is a self-taught/outsider artist whose current body of work is inspired by her own journey as a single mother raising a teenage daughter. Her work makes manifest our ever evolving vulnerabilities and strengths as women experiencing respectively – menapause and adolescence— as well as how and where we stand as individuals, with each other and in community.

Most of her work contains images of women with their arms outstretched, in nature or in a Surreal circus. The women find home with magical elephants who escort them on their journeys – they celebrate opening the heart and the freedom that comes from self acceptance.

Having discovered painting at the age of 40, she founded “The Peace Garden Song and Mural Project” – a mural arts residency program in New Jersey ( To date, she has worked with over 1000 New Jersey school children. She is currently a teaching artist with Morris Arts and the New Jersey State council on the arts.

© Jennifer Levine