Jehanne-Marie Gavarini

Strange Attractor #3
mixed media
2 x 8 x 5 in.

These objects come from the Strange Attractors series. They are made with bright pink and orange plastic mixed with segmented toys, hardware, plumbing supplies, latex, and rubber. The series explores contemporary anxieties. These objects can suggest small pets, organs or body parts. They evoke sexualized bodies, some more masculine-looking, others, more feminine. At first sight, their fluorescent colors might bring to mind toys abandoned by absent children. Most of them are friendly-looking and humorous due to the juxtaposition of tactile materials and bright colors. However, they are not always as innocent and playful as they first appear. The contrast between soft materials and the hard materials that penetrate them might seem a subject of worry. Their cheerful appearance masks more difficult relations. Quite a few of them are tied up, bound, choked. They seem constrained and limited.

© Jehanne-Marie Gavarini