Jaye Schlesinger

Truth Is Not Truth
oil on panel
16 x 12 in.

Radical shifts have taken place in what is now considered the new normal in our political and cultural climate. One of the main topics that surfaces is the idea of truth. Why do people lie and why don’t lies provoke more outrage. Fact checking, confirmation bias, political polarization, fake news, alternative facts are all part of our current vocabulary. There is no longer a consensus about what it means to tell the truth.

In my Pinocchio series, I want to contribute to the body of work that is being created as overtly political art. At the same time, I need to continue my commitment to painting objects of popular culture. Objects are a tangible reminder of the meaning of commonplace and ordinary in our lives and can easily serve as metaphor and a bridge to shared human experience. I am inviting the viewer to interpret these images on whatever level they choose.

© Jaye Schlesinger