Catherine Schwalbe

TRUTH at Walnut Creek Farms
photograph (of time based work)
12 x 16 in.

My art explores aging, agriculture, nature and science, the concepts of plenty and want, reuse, food systems, water, and being human through a variety of media including high-fired clay, artist books, events, growing, installation, found objects, social practice, fiber and cast metal.

Why corn? It is solidly Midwestern, like I am. I have found through the deep exploration of corn, and many things related to our food system, more than its history and imagery, but the fundamentals of humanity itself.

Additionally, I made this work while on an artist residency towards the end of my marriage. I spent a tremendous amount of energy digging for the truth, including this work, where I actually dug in to the soil, packed the scripted word with local clay, and let time take it over.

Photo credit: Peter Schulz

© Catherine Schwalbe