Jamie Kost

Untitled Rust 115
mixed media with rust on wood board
24 x 20 x 1.5 in.

My body of mixed media work explores abstraction with geometry and minimalism as common themes. I experiment with various styles, utilizing inventive materials and techniques. Strong design elements unite my art playing with shape, pattern, texture and space.

Rust has always been aesthetically pleasing to me and has influenced my recent body of work. I am drawn to its velvety earthy colors and nuanced surfaces with natural imperfections. The most exciting process creating this work is letting go of intentionality as the metal oxidizes and the deeply textured surface transforms and evolves into something infinitely fascinating.

My rust series are an exploration in contradictions, embodying boldness and subtlety along with complexity and simplicity. The modern geometric shapes combined with the organic and primitive texture of the rust create an unpredictable energy. I work on wood panels using acrylic paint, rust, metal paint, ink and screens.

© Jamie Kost