Huong Ngo

polyester and wool felt, PIC16F819, ISD 1110P, custom electronics

Generating Static
polyester and wool felt, bubble wrap, LCD panels, velcro, static
18 x 12 x .5 in.

Fetter is a stuttering machine. As the wearer speaks into the green funnel, a voice stutters randomly generated confessions of “f words” (ie. I f-f-f-find the f-f-f-f-ear in f-f-f-f-f-ucking) through the orange funnel. The voice catches on a loop of f’s, which can be released by the wearer’s participation. Fetter is an attempt to understand the frustrations of unarticulated emotion.

Generating static. A pair of users wear the bibs, vigorously rubbing against each other’s target dots. They are rewarded when the LCD screens display random animations generated by their static attraction. Generating Static at the Speed of Two makes visible as well as literal the power of intimacy between two people.

RayShield is modeled from a lead vest used in medical X-ray exams. When viewers wear the vest and press embedded switches, the instrument plays articulations of a woman attempting to pronounce, “I love you.” The “action points” are intentionally located so that the user must touch his/her body in various erogenous zones. The speech is randomly broken, like mutations in her verbal code.


© Huong Ngo