Georgia Lang Weithe

New Growth
mixed media jewelry
5.5 x 4.5 in. on an 18 in. chain with hand wrought clasp

In everything artistic there is some relationship to the spiritual. We derive our inspiration from our world-experience, and our inner-world experience creates a work of art that brings something spiritual into the world. The piece I have submitted is entitled “New Growth”. It stems from a period of extended recuperation from a virus, which forced me to lead a quiet and somewhat isolated life. During that time I engaged in a great deal of exploration of my inner landscape. In so doing, I found myself starting down a new road and crossing new thresholds into unknown territory. This was a period of “new growth” for me. Surrounded by the beauty of the natural world in my rural Wisconsin studio, as spring arrived and my health was returning, I drew upon the images of new growth all around me and designed this piece.

There is always a sense of mystery about inspiration. The creative impulse draws us into that mystery, and makes us aware of a spark which connects us to one another and to a larger whole. My creations are a reflection of the inspiration I find within and the beauty that surrounds me. This symbiotic relationship with the natural world inspires me to protect and preserve it, because when the physical environment is pristine and in balance we have the potential to expand into the fullness of our Being. We are living on a mobius strip; there is no outer and inner world – we are all one.