Gaby Silva Bavio

oil on canvas
24 x 24 in.

Gaby Silva Bavio was born in La Plata, Argentina, in 1962. Her main influences are the Impressionist and the Expressionist movements. In the beginning, figurative Impressionism became the subject of her work. Following years of learning and experimentation, an abstract phase gradually evolved to what she currently defines as Expressionist art with an ‘Essentialist’ style.

“I would characterize my work as a product of strong emotion. I experience myself, and I see in my paintings love, passion, anger, happiness, and sadness. I think of my work as a visual manifestation of my spirit, a puzzle of human hope and strength, and darkness and defeat.

I came to realize that my work is a phenomenon that embraces the life of a parallel art movement called Essentialism (Esencialismo) founded by Heriberto Zorrilla and Helena Distefano in 1984, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each piece I create is centered upon my inner place, my inner world, and becomes a manifestation of my own existence, independently of technique. Oils and acrylics on canvas paintings, no-figurative paintings reflect the infinite power of colors and multiple plays of lights, the many colors of my inner life.”

© Gaby Silva Bavio