Barb Bondy

Thought Experiment #2: Brain Storm
graphite on paper
34 x 24 in.

Drawing is primary to my studio practice; it provides a means to articulate or gain an understanding of complex ideas and problems through a language that involves mark marking. It provides a graphical dialogue through which I can problem solve and a means of conjecture with which I can propose ideas to a viewer.

My drawings are propositions that arrive out of ruminations on art, science, mathematics and philosophy. The inquiry into cross-pollinations of these disciplines leads to thought experiments that reconcile intuitive insight and visual description; they are explorations of the limits and potential of thought.

“Thought Experiment 2: Brainstorm” explores the notion of error within the process of thinking, whether felt or unnoticed; does the mind compute flawlessly or, do errors occur and if so, how are ‘errors’ similar or different from the flash of deep insight experienced in such circumstances as the “Eureka Phenomenon”?

© Barb Bondy