Gabby Schmitt

The Secret Garden (2019)
linocut print
36 x 24 in.

Life at home has changed. No more college buddies and fun get-togethers. Classes at home were weird. My life seems to be slowing down. I can’t get a job. My mom has cancer, and the virus is everywhere. My grandpa passed away a few weeks ago, and only 10 of us could go to the funeral due to the virus. So, I look to my artwork and books as a form of escape. Through my creative process I have learned that even though college may be over and life is changing, I am excited for my future and where my art will take me.

Here is a life observation of my roommate from college. She is representing the idea of reading from the comfort of home by sitting very oddly to show that her mind is in the book and not worrying about what others think of her. The stripes on her arms and legs are showing that she is in a state of mindfulness.

The nature around her is to show a world where a book can take the reader.

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© Gabby Schmitt