Johanna Sarah Schlenk

Küche (Kitchen)
12 x 20 in.

“Hanna Haarig” is a hairy lady looking for acceptance and fulfillment of her human need of being herself.

Although self-emancipatory attempts by women already have already happened, home is still a place in which one is not necessarily a free or liberated person.

Not to meet expectations is associated with feelings of guilt, anxiety or punishment. These each have their own cultural-historical meaning and tradition, which is closely linked to patriarchal power structures and religious dogmas.

The protagonist “Hanna Haarig” is looking for places to be safe, calm and relaxed. Küche is part of a series of photographs in which she remembers days of restriction and adaption. These days it wasn’t so easy being herself as it should have been at home.

Johanna Sarah Schlenk is a visual and teaching artist. She works in the area of the tension fields between people and their surroundings. Starting from the human body, she explores its various forms of expression by playing with human images, developing roles, characters and objects and letting them interact with materials and props.

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