Future Akins

My Dream of Hair (2020)
mixed, embroidery, piecing, embellishment
36 x 38 in.

“As I started to lose my hair from chemo therapy I made the decision to shave my head and go bald. I did not realize how lost I would feel without my hair nor was I prepared for how others would react to my baldness. A few were really kind and they will always be remembered. Many seemed to avoid me. I tried not let their awkwardness get to me knowing my energy had to be dedicated to my health and healing, not the reactions of others. I made a promise to myself that there were/would be “no bad hair days” even when my hair came back.

“My Dream of Hair” is an ode to a few of the various bits and pieces from my daily life that helped me get through the night. Soft cloth to wear, singing wind-chimes, silly reactions to the surrealism of everyday, and the words from my surgeon when I learned I would not need a mastectomy. My loss of hair remains my talisman. A reminder that life is precious, small acts matter and humor goes a very long way.”

© Future Akins