Felicia Grant Preston

2+2 =Forgotten (2004)
mixed medium
26 x 32 in. | $1,200

As a deeply spiritual woman and self-proclaimed colorist, I feel blessed to have been given the ability to express my passion for life and color with the world as an artist. I am constantly experimenting with new ways that I can apply color to various surfaces. Mixing mediums and creating or using textures allows me to apply color in layers, allowing each layer to have its own voice, and the combined voices create their own symphony of color.

If in the life of an individual the highest and best that we can leave to the world is our God given gifts, then my work is my gift to the world. My legacy to leave is my love of color, and my passion for creativity is what comes through me as an expression of God. I believe that the arts are given to us to heal. If you think about it, when we are engaged in, taking in, or experiencing a work of art, even if only momentarily, we shut out the problems of the world and focus only on the beauty and the healing that the work provides. Whether it be a musical expression, a dance or theater performance, a comedic expression or visual works of art, if only momentary, we are able to release and be at peace.

I am grateful to be the vessel from which is delivered to the world a vehicle of healing. I am grateful that when I leave this world, that I leave the best of me.

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