Dayna Block

Radha and Krishna
water color, gouache, graphite
10 x 13 in.

I have been using the Open Studio Process of making images and writing about them for 15 years. It changed the way I make art. It changed my life. I sit with a group of people doing the same process. We each write an Intention. Next we create. My images tell me what to do: a red heart or a blue sea. Then I write. My images talk in first person, I am surprised by what they say. The Crones are particular about what they wear, The Tree of Life guided me in our Long Range Planning Process, and The Wise One wanted writing directly on the painting. After we write our group sits down together. Whoever wants to can read what they wrote. No one ever comments on the art or the writing. We simply listen. I love making art in community. I am glad many people are working this way and sharing it with others. It continues to grow like a quiet revolution. When we do this work together we create a place where we see and understand each other and ourselves.

© Dayna Block