Cristina Ariza Davila

Echo Generator
mixed media, crystals, circuit board radio, fairy lights
6.5 x 5 x 5 in.

“The hardest parts of loss are the unanswerable questions, the mystery of where the loved ones have gone and accepting the permanence. Sadly, the pandemic has subjected many of us to sudden losses. My family has experienced tremendous losses in the past six years and we have had to find a new way to live. Time has brought some healing and art has allowed expression of emotion, and connecting with the loss in a more cerebral manner. While the path is not easy the hope for healing is strong if we hold each others hands and simply be there.

Digital art allows communication with my loved ones by creating vehicles to reach them. These deep, very personal emotions are difficult for words to communicate but through archetypal images and finding worlds between dimensions I hope to reach experiences that feel familiar to the viewer.

Adding sentimental, found items to three-dimensional creations, such as the crystal radio built with my Dad, creates a memento mori specific to my life and has been incredibly therapeutic & spiritual.”

Description of the Work: Echo Generator
The loss of a child is catastrophic to a parent—one should not outlive their child. There is no solution as time remains forever skewed….the inverted order of events cannot be reversed. My piece Echo Generator is a futuristic machine that uses optical phenomena, crystals, and radio waves to give the bereaved a glimpse of their loved one for an instant…”

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© Cristina Ariza Davila