Corrin Smithson McWhirter

Beautiful Destruction
Japanese beetle eaten crab apple leaves, with metal and wire in an acrylic display case
8 × 9 × 7 in. | $500

The spaces and places we inhabit tell a story. They are fragments of our personal narratives. As we occupy our various spaces—even if only for a short time—we give and take. We take parts of those spaces with us, both tangible and abstract. We also leave behind traces—fragments of ourselves, parts of our identity. By deconstructing and reconfiguring the fragments and mapping elements of these places, we hope to better understand our relationship with these spaces.

But we never do these things in isolation. Our paths, our history, and even the detritus we leave behind are interconnected. Even with this knowledge—this understanding of connectivity—we are reluctant to share the fullness of these spaces. We allow others to see our homes only in ideal states—doors are closed to hide imperfections and preserve our sense of privacy. Our relationship with others is often defined by how intimately we will share our space with them.

“Beautiful Destruction” places three Japanese beetle–eaten crabapple leaves in an acrylic display case. With no other distractions, the decaying fragile elements evoke a moment of pause and reflection.

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