Harin Song

400 / 2019
acrylic, embroidery floss, frame, sewing and weaving
31 x 41 in. | NFS

My current work is a juxtaposition of disciplines of painting and fiber art, Eastern and Western cultures. Instead of applying pigment to a receptive support, I interweave paint and fiber after manipulating acrylic paint into a form of beads.

The process starts with mixing colors inside a tube and pushing it, aligning each paint drop. I treat the paint as if I’m planting and harvesting, to embrace as many natural varieties as possible. Mixed colors come out unexpectedly, with swirls and shapes. A few days later, I collect and slice the dry paint drops. After choosing the fiber, I sew the paint slices with threads one by one and then weave them all together on the frame. The physical transformation of the paint with the meditative process relates to my cultural and sexual identity as an Asian woman artist.

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