Cheryl Wranosky

Missing Peace
clay, found objects

Growing up in Kansas black-soil farming country. Living in North Georgia’s lush green, red-clay country. Birthing calves and raising children on thirty acres. Studying design in a uniquely creative, nurturing college town. Appreciation of the non-judgmental and unpretentious. The kind and unkindness of man and nature. These things have influenced who I am as an individual and contribute to the emotion and inspiration behind my artwork.

My conceptual and narrative work reflects my view of the human condition as we react and interact with our surrounding environment. I quite often combine my roughly textured coil and slab hand-built pieces with found and recycled objects. The object can influence the outcome-sometimes surprising and sometimes disturbing. I’m intrigued with openings and closings, entrances and exits, keys and locks, and all that those pairings suggest for us as individuals. Many of my pieces reflect those themes.

© Cheryl Wranosky