Joan Wynn

At First
found object sculpture

I am interested in exploring the relationship of the one and the many in the materials I work with and in the compositions I create. Much of my work focuses on the use of discarded metals. These materials are in the process of change from identical functional objects to cast-off parts. As these objects and parts of objects change over time, colors alter from uniform to varied hues of browns, ochers, and oranges; surfaces shift from smooth to variously patterned; shapes morph from predictable and standard to unusual, distinctive fragments. Arresting in their own right, when re-imagined, these materials have the potential to convey new meanings.

My art examines the relationships of the unique to the uniform, the singular to the many. I am interested in the similarities and differences among individuals within groups, what their relationships suggest about the influence individuals exert on each other, and what can be learned about the ways in which this influence changes over time.

© Joan Wynn