Brandy Worsfold

Heng-O (Goddess Jusaposed Series)
10.5 x 10.5 in. (print size)

I have become fascinated with the cultural contradictions I find in my upbringing. I found the romantic relationships I had here were different than those I had growing up overseas. I began examining my own relationships and the gender acts, or assumed gender acts, they entailed. Logically I understand the necessity of nonconformity to gender performance, but what if I find pleasure in them?

My series “Goddess Juxtaposed,” appropriates mythological goddesses into a western, contemporary setting. Each photograph depicts a goddess in her created landscape, using contemporary symbols via clothing and structures that correspond to a modern translation of the myth, and my understanding and reconstruction of that myth, transforming these stories into my narrative. My photography questions both society and my ideals through the mirror of the physical self with humor, cynicism and ferocity.

© Brandy Worsfold