Beatriz Ledesma

Sky Door (2020)
watercolors on paper
8.5 x 5.5 in.

“I am a magic realist and colorist painter. I work primarily with oils on canvas. I used strong, bold, vibrant colors as expression of my Latin American roots and to denote emotions. I create art inspired by emotional, spiritual, and social issues. I attempt to take a closer look at memory and the impact that displacement has upon our human experience. In today’s global crisis, our way of life has been displaced by Covid-19- we are engulfed in grieving what it was with little, or no idea, on what “”normal”” will be after it. Within that process though, there is the seed of change and transformation to choose from.

In response to the intensity of the global crisis, I have began working with watercolors. The water media allows for getting in touch with my intense emotions and feelings this global crisis produces in me”

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© Beatriz Ledesma