Arlene Turner-Crawford

Proverbs 29:18
print and mixed media

Life Force
linoleum cut print and collage

When I consider the Grace within our Race, I want to affirm love from the Creator for our nation and its people and celebrate the beauty and charm of form in art. Throughout the history of the African American people in this country, Black Women have been a dynamic force in forwarding our struggles for human and civil rights, freedom and personal dignity. Beyond that, woman the world over, have taken up the mission to struggle for equality and justice. Perhaps it is part of the feminine nature which drives women to nurture, to protect and to defend. My commitment as an artist has been to examine, elevate, and speak to what is beautiful, whole and authentic within my community. I do this in my own attempt to be about my people and our highest aspirations.” Arlene Turner-Crawford is an image-maker who works in the media of painting, assemblage/college, drawing, graphic design and illustration. Influences in her work have come from her family; AfriCOBRA artists; Black Classical Music (jazz); research and meditation.

© Arlene Turner-Crawford