Ann Quinn

Stemming from the Earth
thread, cotton line, apple stems
66 x 22 in.

Dear Earth,

It’s me again, Ann so needy, so devoted, so ready to return to one day. I’ve spent my life seeing myself in you, loving you. As your artist, I have always needed you to inspire me with your originality, enrich me with your earthly elements, and encourage me to imitate, replicate, repurpose, and recycle all that I know you to be. I will never destroy, I will always reflect.

Two hundred two apple stems from my morning apple walk to work each day. I remade an orchard of you in fiber, weave, and color. I used them once and now again,but they will always be yours in their next life.

I see myself in you and want you to see yourself in me. I only wish to remind my world of you in all my works.

© Ann Quinn