Laurie Rousseau

Her Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep
drawing and collage on mulberry paper
21 x 15 in.

Dear Earth,

I affirm you. I love your beautiful lakes, dense forests, mountain views, the flowers that bloom, the creatures you nurture. I appreciate the air I breathe, water to drink and the food you provide. I am amazed at your resilience in the face of all that humankind inflicts on you, and I am sorry. I am sorry that we are poisoning you and in turn, poisoning ourselves. Tearing up your surface, your depths. How can we be so short sighted, not see the effects of our actions on your interconnected systems? We are a part of your ecosystems, dependent upon them, but blind to our actions. Willing to ignore signs and symptoms and in order to have easy and comfortable lives. I am as guilty of of this as my fellow humans. I am a consumer.

But I feel deep love for you Earth and wish I could protect you, take care of you, the way you take care of me. I feel my connection to you when I swim in your lakes, walk in your woods, climb your mountains, pick food grown in my backyard, and you are on my mind when I make artwork. With my art images I seek to show that connection to you, send healing to you, illustrate the power I feel surrounded by you. I hope my tiny daily actions contribute to your continued longevity and influence others toward more positive actions.

© Laurie Rousseau