Angilee Wilkerson

In this body of work I reference the memory shared with my Oklahoma ancestors. This memory is created through handed down narratives passing through what was once “Indian Territory”, and from the multiple accounts of prophetic dreams and visions told to me by my mother, grandmother and grandfather. My appropriation of this inherited narrative is re-collected and expressed through a complex structure of memory, which diffuses the boundaries between what I have experienced first hand and what I have gathered from my kin. The being of this historical narrative remains the same while it’s presence differs. In this series of work my family’s story makes itself present through the layering of natural elements native to the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma landscape with old family photographs.

Angilee Wilkerson holds a Masters of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography and Paper & Book Arts. She is an artist, educator, and professional editorial photographer. Her work frequently examines memory and identity, family narratives, and the nature of alterity through landscapes, and she has participated in more than 30 national and regional exhibitions since 2002, including nine solo shows. She is represented by Bering and James, Houston TX.

© Angilee Wilkerson