Anastasia Sitnikova

bronze casting, wood, fabric, light
13 x 13 x 14 in.

Like many of my other works, this object was inspired by a curiosity about contradictions: contradictions in human behaviors (subject-wise) and contradictions in the materials properties (construction-wise). In this small series of work, I’m depicting the duality of violence as a social phenomenon. Being a highly discouraged category, nevertheless as an abstract idea, it has always been attractive to many.

Traditional “romantic” attributes, such as flowers, lace pattern or silk, are combined with “brutal” symbols, like fired brass shells, sharp spikes or knotted rope. Small details bring additional meaning. In one object, the rope is transforming into the bruises it causes. In another, shot through leather, indicative of human skin, reminds of the practical outcome of violence. The light used in my work changes the picture. In a metaphoric way, it shows that the same situation may look completely different under different conditions.

© Anastasia Sitnikova