Alicia Decker

What Does It Mean To Be An American?
98 x 50 x .5 in.

The United States is a vastly diverse nation, how do we understand what it means to be American, and what do we hold valuable? How do those notions differ depending on our background, lived experiences, and in the context of the current political climate? Quilting is an American tradition that has the power to narrate and to create community through the nature of its practice. This quilt is part of an ongoing conversation and body of creative work called “What Does It Mean To Be An American?” that aims to build community around recognizing and celebrating our differences, while perhaps finding common ground in the process.

This work is inspired by over 450 responses people have used to describe their thoughts on what it means to be American in community conversations held in partnership with the Oregon Humanities Conversation Project.

My work aims to implement the power of textiles to explore hidden and personal narratives to either be decoded or simply and therapeutically “released”. I enjoy engaging with my community on projects that involve creating narratives through pattern, color, and fiber about events currently shaping our world.

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