Beth Costello

When No Means NO
11 x 14 in.

Where to begin? Within the last four years, I have stood, marched, knelt, donated, volunteered and kept my mouth shut to keep my friends and family. I have listened in disbelief, and rallied in the kindness of humanity. I realize that I am grateful for the freedoms I have and for the world we live in.

As I reflect on the last 48 months as an artist, I had every opportunity to mock, criticize, destroy, threaten and condemn higher authority. Instead, I found myself questioning my own values and beliefs, my own truths and who I was as an individual, where did I fit in the bigger picture? I had to ground myself, I had to break away from mass media and stand on my own to discern right from wrong, even though I already knew. Even though I already knew.

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© Beth Costello