Alexis Doerr

Purple Plastic Majesty
acrylic, denim jeans, packaging plastic
50 x 23 in.

Environmentalism is at the heart of my artistic practice. I seek methods of visually interpreting and communicating the disagreements and discussions surrounding climate change. This stems from my belief that art can help people see things differently, and give them the space to ponder issues they wouldn’t otherwise.

A few years ago, I had a reckoning with my artistic practice, an internal struggle of making more “stuff” when the world is drowning in excess. I was using various materials and resources to make more stuff to inevitability take up more space…and this pushed me to rethink the materials I was using. Purple Plastic Majesty is the result of this artistic reckoning, I used my old jeans, cut them up into larger sections, stitched them together and stretched them to make the canvas. Repurposing materials and giving them a new creative purpose.

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