Abi Gonzales

The Protector Reimagined (2017)
forged steel
17 x 18 x 18 in.

I am a 2.5 generation Mexican-American artist who grew up in the South Lawndale neighborhood in Chicago. I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I studied painting, drawing and sculpture and also received my BFA. I also learned welding at the Washburne Trade School. My family inspires me constantly to strive for excellence in my art making. We are Mexi-Can, not Mexi-Can’t! Like my favorite president, President Obama, said, “Yes We Can!”

I thought about my family when I was creating my work. The sculpture “The Protector Reimagined” is centered around the hummingbird figure in the middle, surrounded by flowers, for beauty and for sustenance. He/she is a small bird who is able to fly all the way from Mexico to Canada, with many stops for rest in between. The cardinal directions: N, S, E, W, represent all the possibilities for his/ her trip. There are many possibilities for places to rest. In Mexican Pre-Columbian culture, the hummingbird had its own warrior clan. It was a symbol of Love and Strength.

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© Abi Gonzales