Yareth Fernandez

papier-mache, fabric, pom-poms, wood, acrylic, stuffed animal, moss

Naturally, organisms grow in their natural habitats along with specific factors. This body of work is inspired by the transformation that living forms undergo during their existence to thrive and adapt in a changed or altered environment. Sometimes, these organisms adapt to the new world, sometimes they evolve to save themselves and/or to be a menace to others.

In this work, the growths are by-products of our ever-changing living environment. They appear throughout an abstract, constructed, new history that begins with humanity’s impact on our earth. The growths are masses of stuff that can resemble existing organisms. Trying to mimic others, they thrive in altered environments.

The growths are meant to offer a reflection on the unnatural by-products of our impact on nature due to extreme industrialization, urbanization, and contamination.