Victoria Elizabeth

Shifting (2019)
watercolor on hot press paper
9.5 x 11.5 in. | $300

The rose is one of the most meaningful flowers there is. It is given to celebrate love, friendship, even sympathy, and is prominent at weddings and funerals. Roses follow us through the circle of life, and each has a circle of life of its own. The flowers grow on a bush until they are ready to be cut, then we place them in water in an effort to preserve them. There is a beauty in the passage of time for these roses. Typically, once a rose dies it is thrown away, unless it has a special meaning. By painting them after the process of being dried, I strive to capture the intricate and special beauties that the passage of time has on these blooms. I hope to celebrate the dignity and purpose of these roses, just as they have given meaning and celebration to us throughout our lives.

© Victoria Elizabeth