Tulika Ladsariya

Bridges over Walls
paint, ink on found brick
14 x 28 x 9 in.
$850 (two bricks)

laser cut wood, acrylic in found frames
50 x 48 x 4 in.

I am an international artist exploring the sentiments of belonging, loss, and ultimately acceptance of the liminal space as home. Working in an interdisciplinary art practice, I employ media of paint, ceramic, and laser cutting. Multi-lingual text, vivid bold palettes, and dense texture often find their voice within my work.

As a first-generation migrant having spent over a decade away from my homeland, my paintings have taken on a storytelling narrative. I explore my own journey and study borders as layered abstract spaces in which the in-between informs a new culture, one rooted in the past but looking hopefully at the future. My current installations explore the charged political climate—issues of race, loss of pride, isolation and divisiveness—all leading to a fragmented society, hungry for connection. Devoid of a right to vote, I aim to fulfill my civic duty and ask viewers to vote for unity, pride, and bridges and to realize that America is great because of its diversity.

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