Edwina Jaques

Standing Rock Pipeline
oil, pen, polymer clay on canvas
24 x 36 in.

As an American resident in the UK, I have been a witness to the committed chaos of the Trump administration. His promotion of wholesale hatred leading to active division within the country tied to a lack of endorsed gun control, the aggressive diminishment of human rights particularly those of women, climate change denial, protection legislation to promote the rich, nepotism and unleashed militarized police attacking citizens. Most cruel is the incarceration of migrant children in cages lacking basic medical or sanitation facilities, education or protection from ICE officers who abuse their position.

Frustration culminated in a series of political paintings created during the Pandemic Lockdown, expressing my angered distress focusing on issues affecting women that display their strength and resilience in the face of adversity, poverty and physical attacks. I believe that Trump’s malignant administration has offered us an opportunity to see what has been festering unheeded for decades – no real resolution has been undertaken to remedy the many wrongs upholding a façade that covers a myriad of lies and a lack of morals or compassion. I see hope in a tsunami of female energy so badly needed in all levels of life that will subsume the darkness.

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