Tulika Ladsariya

I am an international artist exploring the sentiments of belonging, loss, and ultimately acceptance of the liminal space as home.

Working in an interdisciplinary art practice- I employ media of paint, ceramic and laser cutting to balance my love for tactile hand-built objects, mindless repetition and the precision of machines. Multi-lingual text, vivid bold palettes, and dense texture often find their voice within my work.

As a first-generation migrant, I create paintings of people in motion, laboring over the every day. Having spent a decade away from my homeland- my paintings have taken on a storytelling narrative of the life of a migrant. I explore my own immigration history and study borders as layered abstract spaces in which the in-between embodies both cultures. I reflect on themes of identity, migration and acceptance as a catalyst for dialogue and creating cross-cultural understanding. I aim to connect multiple generations of women through object-making as I direct the construction of certain sculptures by inviting my mother and daughter to participate with their labor and build a thread of family history as legacy.

My work is both intimate and voyeuristic as I allow the objects to hold the memory of what used to be whilst trying to create a vision of what is to come.

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